• Nitin Kumar Singhal, PhD
  • Scientist C
  • Joining Date in NABI: 02/03/2012
  • 0172-5221243
  • nitin[at]nabi.res.in

Discipline and Specialization:

Food Science & Technology, Food Nanobioscience

Training/advance exposure in the area of work:

Post Doc (May 2009- Jan 2012): Dept. of Chemistry, Nanobioscience lab, Seoul National University, Seoul, South korea.

Contribution to the scientific advancement :

1.A process has been developed for immobilization of the chimeric enzyme, Smt3-d-psicose 3-epimerase, and production of nearly zero calorie sugar, D-psicose, from agro-industrial residues.(Patent File No. 201611044752)
2. Guanosine diphosphate (GDP) a promising natural small-molecule inhibitor that targets Hepcidin-FPN complex has been identified as an additional supplement to iron ameliorate AI.

Current area of research:

1. Iron homeostasis, nutritional iron deficiency and common lifestyle diseases
2. Development of calorimetric nanobiosensor to detect food borne bacteria
3. Enzyme immobilization: Development of new type of nanoparticles to immobilize enzyme to make enzyme more robust and reusable

Publications (best five):

Awards and Fellowships

1. GATE 2002 Chemistry

2. Best Paper Award from IIT Bombay

3. Best Poster Awards in Bioprocessing India Conference Organized by CIAB, Mohali 2016

4. Qualified the entrance exam for IIT Roorkee, 2000 with 4th all India rank

5. Brain Pool Post doctoral research fellowship (2009-2012)