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Verma K, Tarafdar A, Mishra V, Dilbaghi N, Kondepudi KK, Badgujar PC. (2021) Nanoencapsulated curcumin emulsion utilizing milk cream as a potential vehicle by microfluidization: Bioaccessibility, cytotoxicity and physico-functional properties. Food Res Intl., 148, 110611. 

01 Jan 2022

Methiwala HN, Vaidya B, Vamsi K, Bishnoi M, Sharma SS, Kondepudi KK† (2021) Gut microbiota in mental health and depression: Role of Pre/Pro/Synbiotics in their modulation. Food Funct. 12, 4284-4314. (IF: 5.396).

01 Jan 2022

Kaur UJ, Chopra A, Preet S, Raj K, Kondepudi KK, Gupta V, Rishi P. Potential of 1-(1-napthylmethyl)-piperazine, an efflux pump inhibitor against cadmium-induced multidrug resistance in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi as an adjunct to antibiotics. Braz J Microbiol. 2021 Apr 13. doi: 10.1007/s42770-021-00492-5.

01 Jan 2022

Azzouz, Abdelmonaim, Hejji L, Sonne C, Kim K and Kumar V (2021). "Nanomaterial-based aptasensors as an efficient substitute for cardiovascular disease diagnosis: future of smart biosensors." Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2021): 113617. (IF: 10.618)

01 Dec 2021

Rai PK, Kumar V, Sonne C, Lee SS, Brown RJC and Kim K (2021). "Progress, prospects, and challenges in standardization of sampling and analysis of micro-and nano-plastics in the environment." Journal of Cleaner Production (2021): 129321. (IF: 9.297)

20 Nov 2021

Shukla A , Kaur M, Kanwar S, Shukla V, Kaur G, Sharma S, Pandey P, Mazumder K, Rouached H, Rishi V and Pandey AK (2021). Wheat inositol pyrophosphate kinase TaVIH2-3B modulates cell-wall composition and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. BMC Biology 19, Article number: 261.

17 Nov 2021

Sharma N, Kumari A, Chunduri V, Kaur S, Banda J, Goyal A, Garg M (2021)Anthocyanin biofortified black, blue and purple wheat exhibited lower amino acid cooking losses than white wheat. LWT, 154: 112802.

16 Nov 2021

Kumar V, Singh V, Kim K, Kwon and SA Younis (2021). Metal-organic frameworks for photocatalytic detoxification of chromium and uranium in water, Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2021): 447, 214148. (IF:  22.315)

15 Nov 2021

Kanwar S, Ali U, Mazumder K (2021) Effect of cellulose and starch fatty acid esters addition on microstructure and physical properties of arabinoxylan films, Carbohydrate Polymers, 270, Article number: 118317, DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2021.118317 (Impact factor 9.4).

14 Nov 2021

Duhan D, Gajbhiye S, Jaswal R, Singh RP, Sharma TR and Rajarammohan S (2021). Functional Characterization of the Nep1-Like Protein Effectors of the Necrotrophic Pathogen – Alternaria brassicae. Frontiers in Microbiology. 12:738617. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.738617, Impact factor - 5.64

26 Oct 2021

Govindaraju VR,  Sureshkumar K, Ramakrishnappa T, Muralikrishna S, Samrat D, Pai RK, Kumar V, Kumar V and Kim K (2021). "Graphitic carbon nitride composites as electro catalysts: Applications in energy conversion, storage, and sensor systems." Journal of Cleaner Production (2021): 128693. (IF: 9.279)

20 Oct 2021

Ojha R, Kaur S, Sinha K, Chawla K, Kaur S, Jadhav H, Kaur M and Bhunia RK (2021). Characterization of oleosin genes from forage sorghum in Arabidopsis and yeast reveals their role in storage lipid stability. Planta, 254:97, factor- 4.116)

16 Oct 2021

Tiwari S (2021) Plant Genome Editing Guarantees Quality and Quantity of Horti produce. In: Genome Engineering for Crop Improvement. Invited opinion article in Genome Editing-Future of India’s Agriculture Sector, AagroSpectrum (a B2B monthly business magazine) PP.33-35

16 Oct 2021

Sagar P, Angmo S, Sandhir R, Rishi V, Yadav H & Singhal NK (2021). Effect of hepcidin antagonists on anemia during inflammatory disorders. Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 107877. IF: 12.31

11 Oct 2021

Kaur K, Sharma S, Gupta R, Munikrishnappa VKT, Chandel M, Ahamed M, Singhal N & Shanmugam V (2021). Nanomaze Lure: Pheromone Sandwich in Graphene Oxide Interlayers for Sustainable Targeted Pest Control. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(41), 48349-48357. IF: 9.23

07 Oct 2021

Singh K, Kumar V, Kukkar B, Kim K and Sharma TR (2021). "Facile and efficient colorimetric detection of cadmium ions in aqueous systems using green-synthesized gold nanoparticles." International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2021): 1-18. (IF: 2.86)

06 Oct 2021

Hua Y, Kumar V, and Kim K (2021). "Recent progress on hollow porous molecular imprinted polymers as sorbents of environmental samples." Microchemical Journal (2021): 106848. (IF: 4.821)

29 Sep 2021

Sagar P, Singh V, Gupta R, Kaul S, Sharma S, Kaur S, Bhunia RK, Kondepudi KK and Singhal N (2021). pH-Triggered, Synbiotic Hydrogel Beads for In Vivo Therapy of Iron Deficiency Anemia and Reduced Inflammatory Response. ACS Applied Bio Materials. IS: 3.25

28 Sep 2021

Kaur M, Shukla A, Meena V, Kumar A, Singh J, Kandoth PK, Mantri S, Rouached H and Pandey AK (2021). Physiological and molecular responses to combinatorial iron and phosphate deficiencies in hexaploid wheat seedlings. Genomics Volume 113, (6) 3935-3950.



27 Sep 2021

Kaur J, Kumar V, Kumar V,  Shafi S, Khare P, Mahajan N, Bhadada SK, Kondepudi K, Bhunia RK, Kuhad A and Bishnoi M (2021). Combination of TRP channel dietary agonists induces energy expending and glucose utilizing phenotype in HFD-fed mice. International Journal of Obesity.  Impact factor – 5.095

27 Sep 2021