Human Resource Development

Academic Programmes

Human resource development is one of the important priorities of NABI. Generating high quality trained human resource would also be a prime focus of NABI. The institute currently has 47 students that include Ph.D. students, junior research fellows and project assistants. NABI will develop the skilled human resource in the areas of Agri-Food Biotechnology under following programmes.

  1. Post Doctorate Programme
  2. Doctoral Programme
  3. Master Programme
  4. Scientists and students exchange programme

Meetings and Courses

NABI has been always receptive for the young school/college students for their visits at the institute. In the past, NABI has been a host institute for such programs. In future, NABI will project itself as a prime host-destination for these youngsters within the mandate of the institute. In this endeavor NABI will conduct short-term training for mid-career scientists and long-term training for young scientists working in various Indian Labs/ universities. We would be conducting small workshops for “Biology Teachers” at senior secondary levels to sharpen their skills in the modern areas of biology. Besides, National and International Conferences and seminars on the topical areas of Agri-Food Biotechnology will be organized in collaborations with various national and international agencies as mentioned below:

  1. Long and short term trainings for scientists and students
  2. Collaborative workshops on emerging areas of biology
  3. Organization of seminars and symposia