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Govindprasad Bhutada, Guillaume Menard, Rupam Kumar Bhunia, Piotr P. Hapeta, Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro, Peter J. Eastmond (2022). Production of human milk fat substitute by engineered strains of Yarrowia lipolytica. Metabolic Engineering Communications: e00192. 

16 Mar 2022

Kaur G, Kaur D, Kansal SK, Garg M, Krishania M (2022) Potential Cocoa Butter Substitute Derived from Mango Seed Kernel. Food chemistry 372: 131244. 

15 Mar 2022

Singh, R. P., Niharika, J., Kondepudi, K. K., Bishnoi, M., Tingirikari, J. M. R. (2022). Human milk oligosaccharides in establishing infant gut microbiome and roles in immune system and defence: Current understanding and future trends. Food Research International.  151: 110884. (IF 6.5). 

07 Jan 2022

Azzouz, Abdelmonaim, Hejji L, Sonne C, Kim K and Kumar V (2021). "Nanomaterial-based aptasensors as an efficient substitute for cardiovascular disease diagnosis: future of smart biosensors." Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2021): 113617. (IF: 10.618)

01 Dec 2021

Rai PK, Kumar V, Sonne C, Lee SS, Brown RJC and Kim K (2021). "Progress, prospects, and challenges in standardization of sampling and analysis of micro-and nano-plastics in the environment." Journal of Cleaner Production (2021): 129321. (IF: 9.297)

20 Nov 2021

Shukla A , Kaur M, Kanwar S, Shukla V, Kaur G, Sharma S, Pandey P, Mazumder K, Rouached H, Rishi V and Pandey AK (2021). Wheat inositol pyrophosphate kinase TaVIH2-3B modulates cell-wall composition and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis. BMC Biology 19, Article number: 261.

17 Nov 2021

Sharma N, Kumari A, Chunduri V, Kaur S, Banda J, Goyal A, Garg M (2021)Anthocyanin biofortified black, blue and purple wheat exhibited lower amino acid cooking losses than white wheat. LWT, 154: 112802.

16 Nov 2021

Kumar V, Singh V, Kim K, Kwon and SA Younis (2021). Metal-organic frameworks for photocatalytic detoxification of chromium and uranium in water, Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2021): 447, 214148. (IF:  22.315)

15 Nov 2021

Kanwar S, Ali U, Mazumder K (2021) Effect of cellulose and starch fatty acid esters addition on microstructure and physical properties of arabinoxylan films, Carbohydrate Polymers, 270, Article number: 118317, DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2021.118317 (Impact factor 9.4).

14 Nov 2021

Duhan D, Gajbhiye S, Jaswal R, Singh RP, Sharma TR and Rajarammohan S (2021). Functional Characterization of the Nep1-Like Protein Effectors of the Necrotrophic Pathogen – Alternaria brassicae. Frontiers in Microbiology. 12:738617. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.738617, Impact factor - 5.64

26 Oct 2021

Govindaraju VR,  Sureshkumar K, Ramakrishnappa T, Muralikrishna S, Samrat D, Pai RK, Kumar V, Kumar V and Kim K (2021). "Graphitic carbon nitride composites as electro catalysts: Applications in energy conversion, storage, and sensor systems." Journal of Cleaner Production (2021): 128693. (IF: 9.279)

20 Oct 2021

Ojha R, Kaur S, Sinha K, Chawla K, Kaur S, Jadhav H, Kaur M and Bhunia RK (2021). Characterization of oleosin genes from forage sorghum in Arabidopsis and yeast reveals their role in storage lipid stability. Planta, 254:97, factor- 4.116)

16 Oct 2021

Tiwari S (2021) Plant Genome Editing Guarantees Quality and Quantity of Horti produce. In: Genome Engineering for Crop Improvement. Invited opinion article in Genome Editing-Future of India’s Agriculture Sector, AagroSpectrum (a B2B monthly business magazine) PP.33-35

16 Oct 2021

Sagar P, Angmo S, Sandhir R, Rishi V, Yadav H & Singhal NK (2021). Effect of hepcidin antagonists on anemia during inflammatory disorders. Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 107877. IF: 12.31

11 Oct 2021

Kaur K, Sharma S, Gupta R, Munikrishnappa VKT, Chandel M, Ahamed M, Singhal N & Shanmugam V (2021). Nanomaze Lure: Pheromone Sandwich in Graphene Oxide Interlayers for Sustainable Targeted Pest Control. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13(41), 48349-48357. IF: 9.23

07 Oct 2021

Singh K, Kumar V, Kukkar B, Kim K and Sharma TR (2021). "Facile and efficient colorimetric detection of cadmium ions in aqueous systems using green-synthesized gold nanoparticles." International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2021): 1-18. (IF: 2.86)

06 Oct 2021

Hua Y, Kumar V, and Kim K (2021). "Recent progress on hollow porous molecular imprinted polymers as sorbents of environmental samples." Microchemical Journal (2021): 106848. (IF: 4.821)

29 Sep 2021

Sagar P, Singh V, Gupta R, Kaul S, Sharma S, Kaur S, Bhunia RK, Kondepudi KK and Singhal N (2021). pH-Triggered, Synbiotic Hydrogel Beads for In Vivo Therapy of Iron Deficiency Anemia and Reduced Inflammatory Response. ACS Applied Bio Materials. IS: 3.25

28 Sep 2021

Kaur M, Shukla A, Meena V, Kumar A, Singh J, Kandoth PK, Mantri S, Rouached H and Pandey AK (2021). Physiological and molecular responses to combinatorial iron and phosphate deficiencies in hexaploid wheat seedlings. Genomics Volume 113, (6) 3935-3950.



27 Sep 2021

Kaur J, Kumar V, Kumar V,  Shafi S, Khare P, Mahajan N, Bhadada SK, Kondepudi K, Bhunia RK, Kuhad A and Bishnoi M (2021). Combination of TRP channel dietary agonists induces energy expending and glucose utilizing phenotype in HFD-fed mice. International Journal of Obesity.  Impact factor – 5.095

27 Sep 2021