High-throughput Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering Facility

High-throughput Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering (PTC & GE) Research Facility has been established in a total area of 7,390 Sq. Feet to facilitate high-quality research in Agri-Biotechnology. Clean air areas following Class 10,000 standard are equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and epoxy flooring to maintain stringent cleanliness and aseptic conditions. Air-shower to help remove the dirt from outside and maximize cleanliness has been installed. All the rooms in PTC & GE facility are well inter-connected though pass-boxes that minimize extraneous contamination. A well-planned glassware washing, autoclaving, general storage and growth chamber areas are located outside the clean air area. The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and an emergency generator is available to operate essential equipment during power outages. The fire safety provision has comprised in designing this facility.

This facility would be suitable for the development of technology platforms for providing high-end services nationally, through joint management with industries/research organization in the area of GMOs biosafety risk assessment, functional validation of genomic resources and development of transgenic crops for quality improvement.

General and specific laboratory equipment to conduct high-quality research into Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering aspect of Agri-Biotechnology has been procured.