Instruments User Charges

Instruments / Equipment (User Charges List)

S.No. Instrument name Proposed charges for government academic/institute/universities/nonprofit making government organizations rate( in Rs) * Proposed charges for private industries Rate ( in Rs)*
1 GC-MS 1272/sample/hr. + Library search Rs.100/peak 2544/sample/hr. + Library search Rs.200/peak               
2 GC-MS/MS 2544/sample/hr. + Library search Rs.100/peak 5088/sample/hr. + Library search Rs.200/peak
3 HPLC 746/sample/hour 1492/sample/hour
4 LAICP-MS 9330/sample 18660/sample
5 ICP-MS 466/sample/element Subsequent element per sample: Rs 200/element 932/sample/element Subsequent element per sample: Rs 400/element
6 MALDI-MS 1500/sample 3000/sample
7 MALDI-MS/MS 3000/sample 6000/sample
8 Qtrap-MS 1700/sample 3400/sample
9 QTRAP-MS/MS 3400/sample 6800/sample
10 QTOF-MS 2450/sample 4900/sample
11 QTOF-MS/MS 4900/sample 9800/sample
12 HPTLC 1220/sample 2440/sample
13 High Speed centrifuge 1000/sample 2000/sample
14 Ultra-centrifuge 1243/sample 2486/sample
15 Differential Scanning Calorimeter 1445/sample 2890/sample



*Service Tax will be extra as per the Government Norms from time to time

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