Instrument Facility at NABI

National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI), an autonomous R&D Institute under Department of Biotechnology, Government of India carries out cutting edge research at the interface of agricultural, food, and nutritional biotechnology. To achieve Excellency in research NABI has the state of art facilities in the following areas:


ABI 3730xl for capillary-based sequencing and genotyping; LICOR’s DNA analyzer for gel-based sequencing and genotyping; RT-PCR machines and Affymetrix’s Microarray complete fluid station for gene expression analysis; Mass-Array (sequenom) for SNP genotyping, methylation study and gene expression analysis; Tissue embedding system and microtome and cryo-microtome for tissue dissection; microscopy facility such stereomicroscope, fluorescence microscope and Laser Capture Microscope (LCM) for tissue specific DNA, RNA, and protein extraction; Nanodrop and UV spectrophotometer; speed vac system for concentrating fluid; Type I and II water purification system; Gel Doc System; deep freezers (-80 ° C; microplate and cuvette reader; Bioanalyzer; liquid handling system; DNA extraction system; and other basis molecular

Proteomics and Metabolomics

Gas chromatograph (GC) with Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (MS/MS); Liquid Chromatography systems such as Nano-LC, HPLC-analytical and preparative, UPLC with MS and Triple Q-TOF; MALDI-TOF-TOF; QTRAP; High performance thin layer chromatography; GC-MS-MS, LA-ICP-MS for elemental composition analysis; complete 2-D gel electrophoresis system for protein separation and purification; Particle size separator for nanoparticles; NIR and FTIR for biomolecule identification and characterization; Dough viscosity analyzer

Animal cell culture facility

Several incubators and animal cell culture chambers