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Dr Rupesh Deshmukh

Dr Rupesh Deshmukh

Ramalimgaswami Fellow

Date of Joining: 23 Apr 2018

+91 96507 92638

Molecular Breeding, Molecular Biology, Computational Genomics

Visiting Professor at  University Laval, Quebec (QC) Canada (Dec 2014 to Apr 2018)

Operated a project funded by a public-private partnership between Syngenta and University Laval. Responsibilities include coordination of research activities in-house, communication with collaborating centers, and to train graduate students.


Post-doctoral Fellow  at University of Missouri, Columbia, USA  (Feb 2014 to Nov 2014)

The project entitled “Drought, heat, and flood tolerant soybean varieties for the Midwest and South: building on success”.


Post-doctoral Fellow at University Laval, Quebec (QC) Canada (Jul 2011 to Feb 2014)

The project entitled “A novel approach to improve plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses”.

  • Demonstrated absolute requirement of NPA spacing for the solute specificity of Aquaporin 
  • Enhanced understanding of the role of aquaporins in plants
  • Developed tools and techniques for Aquaporin research
  • Identified Gn4-1 gene for high grain number in rice panicle
  • Developed highly variable SSR marker resource for rice
  • Enhanced understanding of the role of silicon in plants
  • Identified silicon transporter genes in several plant species including soybean, strawberry, Populous



Improvement in yield, fruit quality, and nutritive value of tomatoes using advanced approaches like genome-editing and molecular breeding

To achieve simultaneous improvement in yield, fruit quality, and nutritive value of tomatoes with minimum efforts, a multigene targeting with a single Cas9 based construct is being used. The target selected for the genome-editing include genes which have been previously shown to be involved in the trait of interest, in addition, some of the targeted are selected to verify the biological role of candidate genes.


Meta-analysis to understand the genetic regulation of important traits in tomato

MetaQTLs are being located in the precise chromosomal interval by using QTL information generated over the years and several different mapping populations. Integration of MetaQTL and RNAseq transcriptome profiling will be performed to select candidate genes.


Induced mutagenesis in Tomato

Physical, chemical and genetic approaches are being used to develop tomato mutant population. The mutant population will be used for the selection of improved trait as well as for gene identification

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NASI Scopus Young Scientist Awards – Elsevier. The Award is from NASI and Elsevier to recognize India’s most promising researchers who are working in the field of AGRICULTURE and are committed to developing sustainable models that help in increasing food security and improving the quality of life of people living in rural areas (November 2019)

Fellow of Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding (FISGPB) (December 2018)

Ramalingaswami Fellowship a highly prestigious award by Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Biotechnology Government of India (November 2017)

Awarded Research Excellence fellowship for postdoctoral research by FSAA Laval University, Quebec (QC) Canada (July 2011)

Best Reviewer of the year award by Plants (ISSN: 2223-7747)      (November 2019)

Best Reviewer award by Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding (ISSN: 0975-6906) (December 2019)

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