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06 Nov 2019

NABI Receives Global Agriculture Award 2019 under Research Leadership

National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) with the aim towards transforming agri-food sector into globally rewarding and sustainable biotechnology-based enterprise, has made some tremendous breakthroughs in biotechnology. This nodal organization has been spearheading innovative research in developing products with enhanced nutrition and processing quality for better human health. Concentrating on biofortification and improvement in processing of staple cereals and fruits for quality nutrition and health, NABI also focusses on post-harvest management.. NABI scientists have developed wheat lines containing high amylose contents and Coloured wheat for the first time in India using the conventional plant breeding method. Transgenic lines of  Banana cultivars Grand Naine and Rasthali for biofortification of β-carotene is another notable achievement by NABI. NABI has also developed a biodegradable and nontoxic coating material for the post-harvest shelf life improvement of fresh fruits thereby providing an alternative to animal derived shellac coating in India. NABI has published more than 150 research publications in high impact journals, filed 12 Indian patents, signed  30    MoUs  with various national and international organizations and  seed and food companies  and commercialized one technology. The organization has thus been playing a pivotal role in developing synergy among knowledge providers and investors in agri-food sector to carry innovations to marketplace.

Based on the outstanding contributions of  NABI  for Research and Leadership in the areas of Agri-Food and Nutritional sector, Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture awarded “Global Agriculture Award 2019”  to the Institute on November 5, 2019.


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