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Sharma N, Kondepudi KK, Gupta N. Screening of Ethnic Indian Fermented Foods for Effective Phytase Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria for Application in Dephytinization of Phytate Rich Foods. International Journal of Scientific Research 6 (2), 1-7

30 Apr 2019

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30 Apr 2019

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30 Apr 2019

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19 Apr 2019

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13 Apr 2019

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01 Apr 2019

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21 Mar 2019

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18 Mar 2019

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07 Mar 2019

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16 Feb 2019

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14 Feb 2019

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14 Feb 2019

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12 Feb 2019

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07 Feb 2019

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24 Jan 2019

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23 Jan 2019

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15 Jan 2019

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29 Dec 2018

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15 Dec 2018

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10 Dec 2018