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19 Nov 2019

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15 Nov 2019

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14 Nov 2019

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12 Nov 2019

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11 Nov 2019

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07 Nov 2019

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31 Oct 2019

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21 Oct 2019

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20 Oct 2019

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16 Oct 2019

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16 Oct 2019

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21 Sep 2019

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20 Sep 2019

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13 Sep 2019

Ram H, Singh BP, Katara J, Kumar P, Jaiswal R, Geetika, Deshmukh R, Sonah H* (2019). A Genome-wide Resource of Intron Spanning Primers Compatible for Quantitative PCR and Intron Length Polymorphism in Rice. Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding. 79(2).

09 Sep 2019

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03 Sep 2019

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21 Aug 2019

Reddy DS, Kongot M, Singh V, Maurya N, Patel R, Singhal NK, Avecilla F, Kumar A (2019). Coumarin Tethered Cyclic Imides as Efficacious Glucose Uptake Agents and Investigation of Hit candidate to probe its binding mechanism with Human Serum Albumin. Bioorganic Chemistry, 92, 103212

21 Aug 2019

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17 Aug 2019

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15 Aug 2019